Lighten up your house

hundel electric
Hundel Electric  has a certified lighting specialist on board, for all of your lighting design needs.  Our lighting designer specifically focuses on energy efficient lighting designs, allowing our clients to reduce their energy, operating and maintenance costs, all while improving the quality of light.

Message to General Contractors

Did you know that BC Hydro offers incentives for new construction projects utilizing energy efficient lighting designs?   Call us today, to see how you we can assist you with getting some money back for your new commercial project.  A great value added service to pass onto your clients.

Contact Hundel Electric for genuine work and advice.

Better lighting can improve both the ambiance of your home as well as its safety.



Keep home invaders away with perimeter and motion-detection lights.


Outdoor lighting to withstand rugged conditions.


Let us help you make your home more pleasant to be in with new indoor lighting.

 Ballast Replacements 

Are your bulbs burning out too often? You may need a ballast replacement.

 Decorative Lighting 

Good lighting can make any space feel luxurious, so consider having us install decorative, cove or rope lights.

 Pot (Recessed) and Track Lighting 

Find your way in the dark by installing track lighting, or hide fixtures with our recessed lights.

Low/High Bay 

Do you have particularly high or low ceilings? We know what you need.

 High-Intensity Discharge 

Need even more light? High-intensity discharge lights emit more light than incandescent or fluorescent bulbs.