Do we need a Exhaust Fan?

Hundel Electric

Kitchen and bathroom fans play an important role in your home’s ventilation system. They decrease the level of humidity in your home by removing moisture. A high humidity environment can damage your home and can cause mold to grow resulting in an unhealthy atmosphere for your family. They also remove odours in your home improving the air quality. If you have a smaller washroom a 50 CFM fan will be sufficient. Bigger washrooms can use up to 150 CFM to properly exhaust all the moisture.

You may currently have a fan that is too noisy, moves very little air or is not energy efficient. This could be because you have an old fan or the ducting is not properly installed. The professionals at Hot Electric can install a new effective, quiet, and energy efficient fan for you. Call us today for more information.

  • Removes moisture, therefore reducing the humidity
  • Removes odours, resulting in better air quality

Tips for ensuring your bathroom fan does its job:

  • Use an Energy Star Rated fan for maximum efficiency
  • Be sure the fan installed is the right size for the room
  • Confirm that there are no sharp bends in the ductwork
  • Make sure that the ductwork exhausts outside your house
  • Use a fan timer to ensure all the moisture is removed after you leave the room

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