Safety comes first

Above all, electricians want to make sure you are safe. If you’re not experiencing any problems, but simply want us to check for any potential hazards, call Hundel Electric today for an inspection.

  Replace Old, Unsafe Wiring Do you live in an older home? Houses built before 1950 typically use the “knob and tube” wiring method, which can be unsafe. The material that coats the wires to protect them from exposure to air and moisture can degrade over time. This greatly increasing the risk of an electrical fire.Hundel Electric can assess your home for safety, and replace knob and tube wiring with safer systems if needed.

  Fire Alarms 

Hundel Electric assists with fire alarms at all steps in the process. We will install a new system or improve what you already have. Our trained specialists also provide system verification, certification, and troubleshooting.

  Security Systems 

Keep your home safe by calling Hundel Electric. We will design and install the perfect security system for your home. For existing systems, we can make modifications and improvements. Our trained professionals can also provide maintenance, troubleshooting, monitoring, reporting, and system backups.

  Electrical Code Updates 

These updates are designed to improve safety. Contact Hundel Electric to make sure your home is secure.

  Child Proof Outlets 

Young children will be safe after we visit your house! Kids can’t tamper with our modern outlets.