Upgrades and Installation

Upgrades hundel electric

Modern life requires more power-hungry electrical devices than ever. Hundel Electric will prevent surges and help you ensure that all those devices have enough power.



The electrical panel is responsible for making sure enough electricity reaches all your devices. Upgrade today to keep from overloading.

Double check your utility bills with our metering upgrades.


Switchgears control electrical currents. Protect yourself and your electrical equipment by upgrading yours today.

No matter what happens, you’ll always have power by installing or upgrading a generator.

 Surge Protection

Electronics are expensive investments. Protect yours with a whole house surge protector.

 Modern Outlets

Replace your old outlets with ones that have the “test” and “reset” button.

 Plugs for Appliances such as Refrigerators

 Many large appliances need a 240-volt outlet instead of a traditional 120-volt outlet. Hundel Electric can upgrade your outlets for stoves, air conditioners, and many other devices.

 Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fan installation is surprisingly complicated. Save yourself time and stress by letting us take care of it.

 Pool Maintenance

Pool maintenance can be a very time-consuming annoyance. Make time for more important things by using Hundel Electric’s prompt services. We can upgrade or install new lighting or replace and repair pumps.

 Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

You’ll save money on installation as well as gas by hiring Hundel Electric.

 Solar Panel Installation

Switching to solar? We’ll help you start offsetting your carbon footprint today.

Contact Hundel Electric for genuine work and advice.