Hundel Electric does various residential electrical work. It ranges condominium buildings (4 story, 6 story),town homes, row houses, and single family, duplex and fourplex houses. However our specialty at Hundel Electric is our quality of work when it comes to custom homes for our clients. We pride ourself on our quality of work and material used to create a dream home into reality.

Hundel Electric  has a certified lighting specialist on board, for all of your lighting design needs.  Our lighting designer specifically focuses on energy efficient lighting designs, allowing our clients to reduce their energy, operating and maintenance costs, all while improving the quality of light.

Contact Hundel Electric for genuine work and advice.

Better lighting can improve both the ambiance of your home as well as its safety.


The electrical panel is responsible for making sure enough electricity reaches all your devices. Upgrade today to keep from overloading.

Double check your utility bills with our metering upgrades.


Switchgears control electrical currents. Protect yourself and your electrical equipment by upgrading yours today.

No matter what happens, you’ll always have power by installing or upgrading a generator.

 Surge Protection

Electronics are expensive investments. Protect yours with a whole house surge protector.

 Modern Outlets

Replace your old outlets with ones that have the “test” and “reset” button.


Keep home invaders away with perimeter and motion-detection lights.


Outdoor lighting to withstand rugged conditions.


Let us help you make your home more pleasant to be in with new indoor lighting.

 Ballast Replacements 

Are your bulbs burning out too often? You may need a ballast replacement.

  Replace Old, Unsafe Wiring Do you live in an older home? Houses built before 1950 typically use the “knob and tube” wiring method, which can be unsafe. The material that coats the wires to protect them from exposure to air and moisture can degrade over time. This greatly increasing the risk of an electrical fire.Hundel Electric can assess your home for safety, and replace knob and tube wiring with safer systems if needed.

  Fire Alarms 

Hundel Electric assists with fire alarms at all steps in the process. We will install a new system or improve what you already have. Our trained specialists also provide system verification, certification, and troubleshooting.

  Security Systems 

Keep your home safe by calling Hundel Electric. We will design and install the perfect security system for your home. For existing systems, we can make modifications and improvements. Our trained professionals can also provide maintenance, troubleshooting, monitoring, reporting, and system backups